Front Door Detour at ACMi

The good news is that we are getting a completely renovated access ramp and front stairs at ACMi’s Studio A at 85 Park Ave. The bad news is that this is what it looks like right now…

2015-10-06 16.56.29

So until further notice, the only access into Studio A is via the BACK door at the bottom of the driveway. Here’s what it looks like:

2015-10-06 16.55.17

If you can’t let yourself in, just knock firmly and someone will respond momentarily.

The current estimate is that the front door will once again be accessible by some time early in the week of October 12. If you plan to come to Studio A during that week, feel free to call us at 781-777-1115 if you would like a status report.

APN Snags Two ACM-NE Video Festival Awards!

Those of you who follow Arlington Public News in its various forms – newscasts and news segments, extended interviews, political profiles and debates, public forums, and the like – know that APN’s work is of consistently high quality, in terms of both content and production standards.

The latest confirmation of this comes from the Alliance for Community Media, which saluted APN with two awards as part of its Northeast Region Video Festival. From among hundreds of submissions, the ACM-NE judges recognized APN for the following pieces:

“iCanShine Volunteers”  1st Place, Community Impact Category

“Celebrating Black History Month” 3rd Place, Diversity Empowerment Category

Congratulations, Arlington Public News!

Keep up the award-winning work!


It was a GREAT Town Day – re-live it on ACMi!

ACMi town day crowd IMG_0077

Everything came together for Arlington’s Town Day 2015 – gorgeous weather, wonderful music, scrumptious food, and a festive community atmosphere that was second to none!

As always, ACMi was there to cover the entire event, and will be airing it in 1.5-hour blocks throughout the coming weeks. It is already a fond memory for most attendees, and will only grow more so for all of us as we move into and through the fall.

So tune in to our Public channel (Comcast 8, RCN 3, ACMi town day camera on balcony IMG_0035Verizon 31) to re-live this gigantic block party once more, and Happy Fall everyone!

ACMi partners with APS in Sister City Program

While there is always a lot of action at ACMi, this fall we are particularly excited to begin our collaboration with Arlington Public Schools in support of their Cultural Exchange program with Arlington’s Sister City of Teosinte in El Salvador!

The Exchange has been in place for a number of years, with the sole means of communication between Arlington fourth-graders and students in Teosinte being an exchange of letters that describe life in each of the two towns.

That is no longer the case. This year, thanks to the efforts of ACMi’s Youth Coordinator, Jessica Barnthouse, and Brackett School teacher AnitaCristina Calcaterra, fourth-grade students and teachers across all seven elementary schools will receive training in how to use their smartphones, iPads, and other devices to make videos to send to their peers in Teosinte! In fact, Jessica has already begun her instruction, as you can see…

IMG_1607 IMG_1611

ACMi has also sent some basic equipment and training materials down to Teosinte, so that students there can also learn the art of mobile videography!

The Arlington-Teosinte Sister Cities program has enjoyed robust success in its traditional form, and ACMi looks forward to supporting this important cultural exchange as it moves towards harnessing 21st-century technology to further strengthen the ties between our two communities.

Summer Winding Down is…GOOD News?

Yes it is! In one small way, at any rate…


ACMi’s Regular Business hours are back!

Starting in September, ACMi will be open:

Monday – Thursday                 10 am – 8 pm

Friday                                          10 am – 6 pm

Saturday                                     By Appointment Only

And don’t forget!

Whatever the season, it’s always the right time

to renew your ACMi membership!

ACMi’s 2015-16 membership year runs through June 30, 2016, so

there’s plenty of time to take full advantage of the many benefits.

SummerFun Recap

With SummerFun now behind us, we sat down with ACMi Youth Coordinator Jessica Barnthouse to talk about the program and what the students learned.

Be sure to tune into the ACMi Education Channel to watch the full SummerFun 2015 special:

  • Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday at 1:30PM
  • Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 8PM

It All Comes Together on Day 5 of Summer Fun!

What’s the best way to integrate all that our TV Production participants have learned throughout the week in typical ACMi fashion? Why, challenge them with making a 1-minute original film on the last day of camp!

The campers were randomly divided into two groups, assigned a genre for their film, and given a specific character, prop, and line that had to be included. With guidance from ACMi staff and select Summer Fun alums, the kids got right to work (or should I say play?), throwing themselves into the project with characteristic creativity and gusto…


2015-07-17 13.36.06


The results? Although they contained many of the same elements, the films each had a distinctive style that reflected the unique collaboration that produced it. But there is at least one way in which the two efforts were nearly identical – both teams had a TON of FUN making their movies!!

2015-07-17 13.38.50

2015-07-17 13.38.53          2015-07-17 13.38.55

Summer Fun Plays with Reality on Day 4

Today our Summer Fun participants are having a blast image1exploring the magical opportunities offered by Green Screen technology. A number of them have taken on the roles of “field reporters” for an imaginary newscast, filming their on-site dispatches in front of a Green Screen. The trick is that, while the newscast’s anchors know what locations these reports are coming from, the reporters themselves have no idea!

They will attempt to guess from the available clues, and will only find out if they are right when the “scene” that has been projected behind them is magically revealed at the end of the game.

This activity offers excellent insight into the typical approach to teaching and learning here at ACMi, and not just for kids! Direct, hands-on experience with the available technology is offered in a context of creativity, imagination, and just plain fun!

Interested? Find out more by clicking on the Membership tab on this website, or come see us at our main Studio at 85 Park Ave in Arlington Heights. There’s no better way to learn how to make TV!