APN Launches New Series – “Your Arlington Dollar”

Your Arlington Dollar

In anticipation of the start of Town Meeting, Arlington Public News introduces a comprehensive new series – “Your Arlington Dollar.” The goal is to shed light on the entire budget process in Arlington, and to clarify where the money for town services and operations comes from, and where it’s going. Our approach to doing so will encompass:

  • point-counterpoint style debates with expert panelists;
  • interviews with prominent contributors to the budget process;
  • introductions to the various tools Arlington residents can use to access important information; and
  • analyses of the different committees and agencies that shape our town’s budget.

Segments that have already been completed include:

  • point-counterpoint discussions about the budget cycle and the adoption of the Community Preservation Act (CPA);
  • a conversation with Arlington’s Town Manager about the various tools available for residents to inform themselves about how their money is being spent; and
  • an investigation into the proposal to create a new Director’s position in town, that of Facilities Maintenance Director.

You can easily access all the installments in this series through this link, http://news.acmi.tv/category/your-arlington-dollar/, which will take you to the appropriate Category on the APN website.

Our Regular Contributors include…

Annie LaCourt is a software systems consultant who has lived in Arlington for more than 25 years and raised two children here with her husband Mark Burstein. She is a long-time town meeting member and served as a Selectman from 2005 until 2012. Annie believes that budgets reflect values and that every tax dollar should be used effectively to further the community’s priorities.

Walter Fey is the owner of a small business – a public accounting company – who has lived and worked in Arlington for the past 30 years. He has served a couple of stints on the Finance Committee, most recently about 7-8 years ago. He currently serves as a member of the Arlington Zoning Board of Appeals. In matters of public policy, calling him a fiscal conservative would not be a lie, and he likes the idea of small rather than big government.

Public Hearing is ONE week away!

Just One Week Away…


Arlington’s Board of Selectmen will conduct a Public Hearing as part of the process of re-licensing Arlington’s three cable providers (Comcast, RCN, Verizon). Although the primary purpose of the Hearing is to review the performance of the cable providers to this point, there will also be an opportunity for interested citizens to give testimony about any cable-related matters that are important to them.

And that’s where YOU come in!

Please come demonstrate your support for ACMi by:

- simply being in attendance

- describing your own experience with ACMi and its importance

    to you

WhenWednesday, April 15, at 7:30 pm

Where: Lyons Hearing Room in Town Hall, 730 Mass Ave.

In attendance at the Public Hearing will be the decision-makers (Arlington Board of Selectmen, Cable Advisory Committee, and officials from the cable providers) in this process.

This is the


for them to hear directly from YOU about how integral ACMi is to the Arlington community – please help us seize this opportunity!

Thank You!

2015 Election Coverage


Candidate Profiles will be presented back-to-back, followed by the School Committee Debate in an Election Block, on ACMi’s Government Channel (Comcast 22, RCN 15 and Verizon 26) beginning on Saturday, March 14.

This Election Block will air daily at 9AM and 11PM, Saturdays and Sundays at 5PM, and Tuesdays at 6PM, all the way up to the election.

ACMi will cover the League of Women Voters Candidates’ Night, scheduled to take place at Town Hall, LIVE on Thursday, March 19 at 8PM.

On Election Day, March 28, ACMi will chronicle the ballot returns in real time, so tune in starting at 7:30PM to get all the results.

And AGAIN! ACMi CLOSED on Tuesday, Feb. 10

There are no new ways to say this, I’m afraid…

ACMi is CLOSED on Tuesday, Feb. 10

because of the unprecedented effects of the back-to-back-to-back (to back to back…) snowfalls of the recent weeks. We will be OPEN on Wednesday, February 11, and hope that the NEXT snow storm will be more manageable than those so far.


The Weather Gods Strike Again! ACMi CLOSED Mon, 2/9

NO Parking,

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Yes, folks, you’ve heard it before (and before that!) -

ACMi is CLOSED today, Monday, February 9,

due to the (apparently) never-ending wrath of the weather gods.

We expect to be open again on Tuesday, February 10,

although we may delay opening until NOON.

Please check this blog for updates.


“Race Matters” Panel Discussion at Studio A TONIGHT!

Much of the nation’s attention is currently focused on how police departments interact with their communities, and particularly with residents of color. In response to recent events, ACMi hosts an

Arlington Public News (APN) Special Event

Global to Local:

Race Matters


Three panelists representing a variety of perspectives will lead an in-depth discussion that will address these and other questions:
What is the significance for Arlington residents of the grand jury decisions in Missouri and New York?
How can we best ensure that our community draws lessons of value from the tragic episodes that have triggered this national conversation?

Date: Thursday, January 8

Time7:00-8:00 pm

Site: ACMi Studio A at 85 Park Ave, 781-777-1115

Our panelists include:

Frederick Ryan
Chief of Police – Arlington

 Bonie Bagchi Williamson
Co-Chair of the Diversity Task Group,
Arlington Vision 2020

 Peniel Joseph
Professor of American History, Tufts University
Author, Historian, Activist

A studio audience will be invited to join the conversation by asking questions of the panelists and taking active part in the discussion.

This Event is FREE and Open to the Public…

All are Welcome! 

The broadcast of this event will be aired regularly on our Public channel (Comcast 8, RCN 3, Verizon 31) starting on Thursday, January 15, and can also be accessed at any time starting January 10th under the Arlington Public News tab on our website at acmi.tv.


ACMi is a scent and fragrance-free environment. If you plan on coming to ACMi, we ask that you use only scent-free cosmetic and personal care products to prevent harming those with respiratory difficulties. Thanks!

Happy Holidays from ACMi!

ACMi lighted 2 12-12-14


Happy Holidays

from all of us at ACMi!


Please note our Hours of Operation for the holiday weeks are as follows:


Wednesday, Dec. 24 – CLOSED

Thursday, Dec. 25 – CLOSED

Friday, Dec. 26 – CLOSED

Monday, Dec. 29 – OPEN 10-6

Tuesday, Dec. 30 – OPEN 10-6

Wednesday, Dec. 31 – CLOSED

Thursday, Jan. 1 – CLOSED

Friday, Jan. 2 – CLOSED

We’ll be back to business as usual on Monday, Jan. 5 –

we hope to see you early and often in 2015!

ACMi Annual Meeting a Success!

ACMi held its Annual General Meeting on Thursday, November 20. A small crowd of members, volunteers, and town residents came to our main studio at 85 Park Ave. to hear from ACMi President John Leone, Treasurer Kathy Colwell, Executive Director Norm McLeod and the entire staff about the many accomplishments of the 2013-14 fiscal year. Highlights from a very busy year include:

– the birth of the Studio Knights, our prolific production group that meets every Wednesday night;

– the impressive expansion of Arlington Public News, which produced over 200 news segments in 2013-14;

– extensive election coverage that brought more than 40 candidates for state and national office into our studio for interviews and debates;

– new T-shirts that featured the ACMi Soundwave, a distinctive step forward in our branding that has generated a lot of buzz around town.

This news and more was greeted with interest and enthusiasm by those who attended, and the festive atmosphere of the evening seemed appropriate, given the exciting developments that were detailed.