Free Music Composition Tool

While scouring the web recently, I came across the website for Soundation, an online music production tool. The tool works much like other multi-track editing programs, but is first of all, Free, and second provides a number of samples for you to use in building your music files. Of course there are options to buy more samples than the free ones offered, but you could build a pretty good creative open, credit sequence, or segue track for your show, with just the free samples. Also, as far as copyright conditions are concerned, basically you can keep and use any composition you make without restrictions, but you can’t reproduce the music samples as individual files for sale or library production (please don’t consider this a full digest of the terms and conditions). I say check it out....

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ACMi-Produced PSAs for Arlington Nonprofits

ACMi, Arlington’s community-produced television station recently offered Arlington nonprofit organizations help in publicizing their services by means of a one-minute PSA (public service announcement) produced, without cost, at ACMi’s digital TV production facility for local cablecasting and for their own use as well. On June 24th and 25th eleven organizations came, one at a time, to 85 Park Ave in Arlington Heights for a one-hour production session each. Their PSAs began airing on ACMI’s Public channel on July 9th. On August 20th, three more organizations made PSA’s in the ACMI TV studio. All the PSAs are being shown multiple times on ACMi channels throughout the summer and fall and will be viewable by the more than 15,000 Arlington households currently receiving ACMi programming via Comcast, RCN, and Verizon. They are also viewable online via our website whenever the PSAs are cablecast to Arlington viewers. ACMI’s mission is, in large measure, to help Arlington nonprofits fulfill their missions by providing a production and distribution pipeline to the potential beneficiaries of their good work — our Arlington neighbors. Therefore, once per year ACMi is offering Arlington’s nonprofit organizations the opportunity to produce and cablecast, for free, a PSA that would normally cost big bucks to make at a commercial video or TV production facility. More exciting still is that the PSAs, whenever aired on our channels, can be seen worldwide...

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