Roots of Arlington: New Video Project from Peter Gordon

Arlington poet, playwright, artist, and videoist Peter Gordon, has produced a new series of video shorts which will play on ACMi’s Public channel. The contemplative, narrated videos focus of the literal “Roots of Arlington”, Gordon’s title for the series, and their unique majesty as seen in a local cemetery, curbside on local sidewalks, around train tracks, and in other places “Here and There” in our town. You may watch these four videos here. To read a description of the project in the artist’s own words, see below. Notes for the Roots of Arlington video project produced by Peter Gordon, 2012 A child at a kitchen table in the town claiming to be the Birthplace of American Liberty. Conversation, weighted words passing overhead, uncomprehended, unheard. A table from which he fled, climbing to the top of a pine tree where he began to listen among ants, moths, birds. Where he began to watch clouds obscure stars, or release them. He fled again, to film, to paint, to paper and words. Provoked, he lived for both light and its absence.   Decades later, removed to the town next door, a pilgrim not done walking, he again came to trees, a pilgrim now looking down as if clouds and stars had become exhausted, no longer eye magnets. Walking, looking down, in the cemetery where some of the creators of his new town,...

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The Nicole Review – Season 2

The Nicole Review (TNR), a monthly interview series, brings together leaders from our community and the wider world in conversation about ideas and current events that impact our lives. TNR’s second season begins with three new programs: first with guest Crusita Martinez from Mass Domestic Violence Advocate who chronicles her own story of domestic violence in a new documentary called The Face of a Woman; second with author Don Brown who is currently touring the United States promoting his first book, The Morphine Dream; and third with Kenneth Donnelly, Massachusetts Senate Chairman of the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight. Show 1 – Crusita Martinez Nicole interviews Martinez about the documentary she has been working on with independent filmmaker Monica Gutierrez. The Face of a Woman is the true story of Martinez and her disfiguring encounter with domestic violence. Crusita was a teenager with a flawless olive complexion and glossy dark hair living in her native Dominican Republic. She was 18 and in an abusive relationship. When she broke it off, her boyfriend begged her to come back. When she said no, he said, “If you’re not going to be with me, nobody’s going to want you.” Then, on that warm and sunny afternoon, he hurled acid at her. Much of her face was been burned away by the acid-and-urine mixture. Her chest and arms were also...

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ACMi, 2012 Spring Showcase

On Saturday April, 7, at 7PM, ACMi will be putting on the 2012 Spring Showcase. This live event, showing on the Public Channel (Comcast 8, RCN 3, Verizon 31), will present a variety of local Arlington talent and give viewers insight of what it’s like to be a member of ACMi. Be sure to tune in, and check back for replay schedule and VOD...

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LWVA, 2012 Candidate’s Night

On Thursday March 29th, the League of Women Voters is hosting Candidate’s Night, which will be presented Live at 8:00PM on the ACMi Public channel. Watch replays of Candidate’s Night on the ACMi Government Channel; (3/30 – 4/8) Sunday @ 5PM, Thursday @ Noon, Friday @ 2PM and Saturday @ 10AM Candidate’s Night will also be available, along with the rest of our lead-up election coverage, here on our Video-On-Demand...

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