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India Trip – Week 1

Coming home is one of the best feelings in the world. That is how I felt when I exited Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and took a black and yellow cab home. My extended family lives in the city and we stayed at my uncle’s place in Mumbai, which is a fast-paced city where everyone follows a clock schedule and does almost everything and anything but nobody ever has time. You can either hate Mumbai or love Mumbai, but you can never ignore it. Locals lovingly call it ‘amachi mumbai’ or My Mumbai. Mumbai is the most populous city in India and in some ways is comparable to New York. It is a conglomeration of seven islands, has high population density and insane traffic, and it is the commercial and financial centre of India. The weather in Mumbai is temperate like Los Angeles and, like L.A., it is also the entertainment hub of the country.   For me, Mumbai = black & yellow cab + hair cut + food + fun with cousins + street shopping   Mumbai is my paradise, I have always felt at home there and love the vibe of the city. I always go to Mumbai with an agenda. There is always a to-do list and most of the time it is the same. This time was no exception. Every time I go to...

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Adam Kalogeros

My name is Adam Kalogeros and I am currently a sophomore studying at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts. As of now I am majoring in Mass Communication and minoring in Fine Arts/Digital Design with the hope of double majoring next year. I both write and produce my own radio show called the LiveWire on WMCK Merrimack College Radio. I aspire to be a radio show host in the Greater Boston area at a station such as Radio 92.9.   I am also a part of the Radio Club at Merrimack College, as well as the chief marketer for the brand-new student run Film Club. I am in charge of designing all logos, flyers, etc. to help bring in members, and to help give the club a professional look.   This two-week externship at ACMi was my first real taste of the professional world, and the experience, while abbreviated due to sickness, has been an enjoyable one. I was taught how to properly use a video camera (both freehand and with a tripod), and how to set up a microphone (both wired and wireless), along with many other valuable skills. I look forward to what the future holds for me, and I cannot wait to apply the skills and knowledge I have gained here at ACMi to further my...

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India Blog Introduction

India is a rich and diverse country, whether measured by its food, people or demographics. This makes India an amazing country to explore. I belong to a small part of it – Ahmedabad is my home town. It is popular for its textile and denim products, its business-minded people, and its ample supply of vegetarian food. It was also the base city of Mahatma Gandhi, and his dwelling is still known as Sabarmati Ashram. Ahmedabad is a part of Gujarat State. Gujarat is the last place where asiatic Lions still exist (Gir Forest). It also has the longest coastline in India, one which is inhabited by many endangered species, and it has a marine park for endangered coastal animals and wildlife parks for other endangered species.   I belong to a business caste family and we follow the Jain religion. Jainism is beautiful, and it is one of the lesser known faiths of the world. We believe in nonviolence (Ahinsa paramo Dharam, which means non-violence, is my first religion). Our religion forbids us to hurt or kill the smallest of lives, from bacteria, ants, and plants to humans. We practice a strict vegetarian diet and our religion also encourages us to live frugal and minimalist lives.   Indian food, festivals and weddings need no introductions; their vibrancy and color have charmed the world all over.   For my India...

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Citizen Journalist Krisha

My name is Krisha and I recently moved to Arlington from New Jersey. I graduated with a Masters in Biochemistry from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, India, and moved to the U.S. about two years ago. I love to travel and try new things; meeting new people and experiencing new cultures excites me. At ACMi, I am a citizen journalist and am learning news production. I am a neophyte in the field of mass communications so I hope to learn both the technical and the soft skills of the field during my time here. I believe in creating stories both through words and pictures, so ACMi has been a perfect learning environment and outlet for me. Eventually I hope to be able to produce my own travel blog that will combine my love for travelling and...

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Arlington Diaries – Part I

A Walk to Remember… Within a span of two years, I shifted from a city that has a rich history of over 900 years and yet is still one of the fastest growing cities in the world, to a suburb in New Jersey, and from there to Arlington; an old, charming and picturesque town. Over the last few months, I have absorbed and enjoyed what Arlington and towns nearby have to offer. I also picked up new hobbies, made new friends and have grown really fond of this town. Through a series of Arlington Diaries articles, I want to talk about what I notice and enjoy about this town and how living here makes me feel as a recent arrival.   The thing that hit me first and foremost when we transferred here is connectivity. After being dependent on a car and my husband for almost a year and a half, I felt free here. I could walk around on my own, explore the town, shop and do just about anything by traveling on foot or by public transport. I felt a sense of liberation and exhilaration, and a sort of reconnection with my old habits and my home town.   I love walking along Massachusetts Avenue, the Minuteman Bikeway, and on local trails. In short, I am all over the place. The smell of fresh sand, summer flowers,...

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