Jared Sweet

About the Staff Member:

Jared came to ACMi as a volunteer in 2015. He was green as can be, and had never edited a video in his life. Never made a J-cut or an L-cut. Never used a trim tool or a even heard of a keyframe. But that all changed when he was assigned to edit an episode of Just Cook It. ACMi staff taught Jared the in-points and out-points of Adobe Premiere, and young Jared was off and running. Today he is ACMi’s most prolific post-production expert, and the force behind Arlington Public News. Jared’s responsibilities with APN include tech directing, editing the final show, graphics, and working with interns to finalize news packages. Jared also maintains all of ACMi’s editing suites and makes sure that they are up-to-date. Anyone familiar with ACMi is accustomed to seeing Jared at one of the edit suites, making magic happen with Premiere or After Effects. Here are some fun facts about the man behind the editor… Favorite band: Eels Favorite Premiere keyboard shortcut: W key (ripple trim next edit to playhead) Favorite edit suite: Edit ‘Sweet’ 4 Hobbies: video games, walks around Arlington, building his own computers

Productions by this Member

Boys & Girls Club 80th Anniversary

Boys & Girls Club 80th Anniversary

After 80 years of fun, the Arlington Boys & Girls Club is showing no signs of old age! The numerous summer programs continue to be the home of lifelong friendships and childhood memories. APN’s Sam Bacherman has a look at the children who this summer are...