Painter [live painting] – Fotini Christophillis Inner Voice [music] – Olga Kisseleva Light of Inspiration – Christopher Konopka Inner Strength [lyra] – Dimitris Menexopoulos (Dimitris Menex) Director: Selene Victor Technical Director: Laurie Holman Assistant Producer: Katie Chang Producer, Editing: Alessio Miraglia Audio: Zain Haque-Piccione, Jeff Munro Camera 1: George Akerley Camera 2: Cyn Camera 3: Dick Koolish Floor director: Cyn Lighting: Dan Mayer Media: Ron Diamond...

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AM Garden Special – DreAM by Alessio Miraglia

New EP ” DreAM” available at: or Track List: Sheratan: 0:29 Zaniah: 9:19 Deneb: 13:41 Elnath: 19:45 Polaris: 23:17 GEARS: Guitar : Fender Stratocaster Pedalboard: Liner switch AB/Y Gravity comp. (TC Electronic) EQ progr. (Source Audio) Mel 9 (EHX) Canyon delay (EHX) Volume Pedal (Ernie ball) Chromatic Tuner (Boss) Whammy Ricochet (Digitech) SuperEgo (EHX) Neptune (Triode pedals) Seraphim (Neunaber) FlashBack (TC Electronic) Time Core (NUX) Ocean Machine (Mooer) IMMERSE (Neunaber) Stereo Looper 720 (EHX) BlueSky (Strymon) Stereo Looper 95000 (EHX) 2 Orange Amp stereo Set Up! Kyra Power – Camera 3 Mike McGinnity – Camera 2 Zain...

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AM GARDEN SHOW – Honeyfoot & Andrea Fanelli

Episode 1 of this new Music TV Show! If you want to part of the show and perform with your project or your Art contact us at our official website. AM GARDEN SHOW This is a creative program conceived , designed, and produced by award winning and talented composer Alessio Miraglia. Throughout his career Alessio has been mindful of the intersections of the music that he has composed and performed, and it’s connection to various other creative disciplines, such as painting , and dance, and photography to name a few. Within each of these – AM garden adventures...

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AM GARDEN SHOW – Blonds Cry the Hardest & Fotini Christophillis New Music TV Show With Music & Art, Live performance & Interviews If you want to part of the show and perform with your project or your Art contact us at our official website. Director Selene Victor Host Alan Kaufman & Alessio Miraglia Media Director Mark Rosenthal Light Cyn & Wu So Fai Audio Jeff Munro & Luciano Silvestri Floor Director Laurie Holman Camera 1 Laurie Holman Camera 2 Anupam Jain Camera 3 Swathi Jain Hand Camera Kyra Power Teleprompter   Cyn Color light modulation Wu So Fai Production Assistant Katie Chang & Jonathan Barbato Producer Alessio Miraglia Band...

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