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Arlington Community Media, Inc. is proud to provide you with public affairs programming. Series within this category include Mastering Your Future: Stories of Personal Success, Criminal Justice Reform, Driving Forces: Profiles in Social Activism, Talk of the Town, Million Dollar Gift, and many more!


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Welcome to Public Affairs at ACMi! We are proud to produce a number of different series devoted to exploring a variety of issues of import to the Arlington community, and beyond. We invite your feedback on our content, including ideas and recommendations for subjects we can address in existing series, or even for new series themselves! Just write us at

Sara Alfaro-Franco, ACMi’s Public Affairs Producer, has a record of providing valuable information to Arlington residents that goes back over a number of years. She began by volunteering to cover local government meetings for ACMi and later joined the staff as our Government Coordinator. After several years, Sara became the station’s first News Director, before moving into her current role.

James Milan, the Communications Manager at ACMi, also hosts many of our Public Affairs programs. He comes from a teaching background, and is dedicated to elucidating both for himself and our Arlington audience the often complex and challenging issues we love to tackle in Public Affairs.

Series Descriptions

Talk of the Town
This series takes us all over town as we interview government officials, nonprofits, and other prominent local figures, often introducing them to the community, and the community to them. It’s a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the events, people, and organizations that make Arlington tick!

Driving Forces
What is it that compels people to devote all or most of their time and energy to social activism, and what are the costs and rewards of that decision? How can others be inspired to follow such a path? These are the questions we explore in this series, through conversations with leaders of organizations, founders of nonprofits, and others dedicated to working in the public interest.

Justice in the Balance
What began as a series focused primarily on Criminal Justice Reform has expanded organically to consider multiple facets of our justice system – from mass incarceration and its consequences, to voter suppression, and even a trip inside the Middlesex County Jail. We talk to advocates, current and former prisoners, policymakers, and top law enforcement officials to provide a comprehensive picture of where we’re at, and where we need to be going.

Million Dollar Gift
Arlington runs on volunteer energy. In this series, we highlight those who donate their own time and talents to sustain the enviable quality of life so many of us experience in our town. From caring for our natural world, to attending to the needs of our most vulnerable residents, to devoting many hours to ensure the smooth functioning of our local government – what the people we talk to in this series offer us all is a Million Dollar Gift.

The ABCs of LGBTQ+
From basic issues of identity and sexual orientation, to the effects of COVID-19 on these populations, to how best to be an ally, this series delves into various facets of life within the LGBTQ+ community. We talk to activists, academics, parents, advocates, and members of the LGBTQ+ community to present an illuminating portrait of these vibrant populations and the challenges they face.