Arlington Public News: December 07, 2018

Will they stay or will they go? We have the decision on those hotly debated columns in front of the high school.

And some Arlington pedestrians just want to make it to the other side. Are some motorists “watching out for the other guy?” We’ll show you how hard it can be for pedestrians, motorists and bikers to share the same thoroughfare.

And a non-profit that has provided nearly a half-million nutritious meals to area residents last year has moved to a bigger home. We’ll tell you about Food Link’s plans for the immediate future and beyond.

That and more on Arlington Public News.

Food Link’s New Digs

Since it’s founding six years ago, the non-profit food rescue group Food link has grown tremendously.

So much so, in fact, it purchased a new location at 108 Summer Street, near Arlington center.

Food Link collects roughly one-half million pounds of donated fresh food a year which allows for more than 400 thousand nutritious meals on the table. The new building will allow Food Link to expand its capacity to further help communities it already serves and to reach out to other neighborhoods in their coverage area.

ACMi Sports Update: December 07, 2018

The winter season is almost upon us, which means our Spy Ponders are hard at work getting ready for their first games.

ACMi sports broadcaster Scott Zwick spent some time with the girl’s varsity basketball team to find out how they’re getting ready for the new season.

Watch Out for the Other Guy

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style. Arlington is now in the midst of the yuletide season.

That means pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists all sharing the streets. Arlington does have laws in place to help everyone get to their destination safely but because some people don’t know the law, or just refuse to follow them, potential dangers can arise. After all, Arlington has seen three pedestrian fatalities along Mass Ave in recent years.

APN’s Jeff Barnd talked to some pedestrians who say they walk the line. They just wish motorists would tap the brakes.


If you have any questions regarding driver, pedestrian and/or bicycle safety laws, you can call Arlington police at (781) 643-1212.

Meantime, as we were doing this story, our cameras caught several infractions between motorists and pedestrians alike. As a result, we’ll be following up on this story to see what changes in Arlington, if any, need to be remade. If you have any questions or concerns, we’d like to hear from you. Call us at (781) 777-1115.