Snap Shot: Bodie Evaluation & Interactive Crime Map

Bodie Evaluation

The superintendent of Arlington Public Schools is getting good grades for her leadership. Doctor Kathleen Bodie was rated proficient in four developmental areas, the second highest rating – just below exemplary. School committee members discussed their rating of Bodie during the November 9th school committee meeting. Some of the rated areas include instructional leadership, management operations, family and community engagement, and professional culture.

School committee members noted the superintendent’s work in providing a high level of service in teaching and learning, as well as dealing with increased enrollment and school building projects. Some, however, noted a desire for more transparency and communication when it comes to key decisions.


Thompson Addition Complete

In other school news, after months of delays the addition to the Thompson School is complete and set to open on Monday, November 20th. Three other building projects are also moving along, an architect has been chosen to create conceptual designs during the feasibility study for a new Arlington High School. Construction for an addition to Hardy Elementary School is set to begin in march with a late fall 2018 opening, and remodeling of the Gibbs, to house sixth graders, is on schedule. A parent forum is set for the first week in December.


Interactive Crime Map

Theres a new way to stay on top of crime in Arlington. The police department has unveiled an updated community interactive crime map that’s accessible to anyone online.

Users can search the town for crimes by location or type such as burglary, motor vehicle theft, and disorderly conduct. People can also sign up for neighborhood watch reports that break down recent crime activity and submit anonymous tips directly to police through the system. The map is an update to a previous version and allows for analytics due to a new partnership with Lexis Nexis.

The Ponder Scope | November 15, 2017

On this Ponder Scope we learn about the Battle of the Bands, a Dodgeball tournament, the Junior-Senior Semi, and much more.

Concussion Safety

New research is changing the way many think about contact sports. The importance of protecting young brains is being better understood. Here in Arlington, sports programs are responding with increased efforts to keep young athletes safe, while still promoting the value of sports and team play.