Arlington Patriots Day Parade 2019

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ACMi Sport Update: April 12, 2019

We have lacrosse action from the Spy Ponders this week.

And an exclusive interview with AHS athletic director Stanley Vieira. He talks about his strategies for the spring season and beyond!

Here’s Alex Van Thong with your Sports Update from Studio B.

Select Board React to New Member

After Steve DeCourcey was elected, ACMi spoke to three Arlington select board members to get their take on their newest colleague.

Steve DeCourcey Elected

After Arlington’s 21 precincts voted the select board swore in its newest member.

Steve DeCourcey won the race for the only contested seat on the board, taking 17 of 21 precincts over Robert Tosi on April 6th.

ACMi’s Jeff Barnd caught up with DeCourcey after all the numbers were tallied.

ACMi News: April 12, 2019

Arlington now has a new select board member for at least the next three years. This, after Arlington voters went to the polls.

Arlington’s sons of liberty are ready yet again for America’s first British invasion. We’ll tell you what the town has in store to preserve its rich history for this years Patriots’ Day weekend.

One Arlington enterprise is recognized for going green when it comes to ridding it’s property of rats. And their method is helping protect the food chain.

And an exclusive interview with Arlington High’s athletic director Stanley Vieira. What’s are his short and long term vision for the Spy Ponders?

That and more on ACMi News.