Gibbs School Tour

Join town officials as they take a tour of the newly renovated Gibbs School. The school will house Arlington’s sixth grade students and is opening its doors this September.

New Animal Control Officer Diane Welsh

“Everyday is different and I love that”
That’s how new Animal Control Officer Diane Welsh described her first week on the job. APN reporter Sam Bacherman caught up with the new officer and her companion, in between responding to a cat in distress and chasing down a lost puppy.

Recycling Stickers

If you come home to find a brightly colored sticker on your recycling bin, take a closer look. The DPW’s recycling team is out to remind, and educate, residents about the dos and don’ts of curbside recycling. Recycling coordinator Charlotte Milan explains the program.

What Arlington Libraries Could Look Like

Library use in Arlington is growing and the facilities are struggling to keep up. That’s according to library administrators who have come up with a plan to expand and revamp both the Robbins and Fox libraries. The plans call for a more modern and stronger connection both physically and pro-grammatically to the people they serve. Here’s a look.

School Construction Update

It’s August and schools will be opening across town in just about a month. Construction projects at several schools are well underway as Arlington continues to try and keep up with expanding enrollment. APN reporter Zach Dupont has the latest on where the current projects stand.