Snap Shot: Colonial Day & Town Meeting

An elementary school tradition is being revised in response to concerns that it be more inclusive and town meeting is working it’s way through this year’s forty seven warrant articles. Brenda Mahoney has the details in this week’s Snap Shot.

Arlington Public News: April 25, 2018

In this edition of APN, better communication between towns is the key to a new program aimed at helping police departments respond to overdose incidents. We’re following the rise of ultimate of Arlington and it’s local star, and are school libraries making the grade?


This narrative music video follows an African American teenage boy experiencing racially based microagressions throughout his day.

Produced by Lucy Bent, Harry Danglo and Allison Desir for the Summer Media Institute 2017.
Music by Harry Danglo.
2018 ATown Teen Video Contest submission

Saturday by Allison Desir

A call with Allison and her grandmother about an upcoming visit turns into a portrait of family, and a self portrait as well.

Produced by Allison Desir for the School Year Production Program Spring 2017
2018 ATown Teen Video Contest submission

The Ponder Scope | April 25, 2018

On this Ponder Scope we learn about UU Music and Art Benefit, the Global Goods Fundraiser, and more.