Arlington Public News: September 19, 2018

In this edition of Arlington Public News, we broadcast from Massachusetts Avenue to celebrate Town Day 2018! Brenda Mahoney talks to several vendors downtown about Arlington’s future; particularly about Arlington’s senior population and the latest updates on mass transit in the region. We also talk to several artisans displaying their unique and imaginative work–which always adds color to this festive event. Arlington Community Media Inc’s new News Director arrives just in time for Town Day as well! Jeff Barnd strolled down Massachusetts Avenue, enjoying the live music, scrumptious food and several vendors who turned out this year. He also...

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Economic Development in Arlington Heights

What makes a successful retail destination? Arlington Heights is trying to find out. It is the last of Arlington’s three main retail hubs to get support for economic development from the town. As long term plans are developed, the natural ebb and flow of business is having an...

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Beer Garden in Whittemore Park

Whittemore Park welcomed the Aeronaut beer garden for its second weekend on Saturday the 14th. Comfortable temperatures and clear skies brought Arlingtonians out in big numbers for its debut a week earlier. Director of Economic Development Jenny Raitt told APN that feedback from businesses, safety officials and residents has been positive, and that the brewery is working hard to be a good neighbor. Aeronaut co-owner Ronn Friedlander was pleased at how smoothly things ran the first day and shared some of the tweaks they’re making going...

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Arlington Public News: July 19, 2018

In this edition of APN Arlington’s first ever beer garden is in full swing for summer. Hear from Aeronaut co-owner Ronn Friedlander. There’s a new way to get around town. Those lime bikes you may have seen strewn about are there for you to use. What you need to know to get rolling. And later, not something many want to talk about but rat sightings are on the rise in Arlington. What the Health Department is doing and how homeowners can help....

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