Arlington Public News: July 19, 2018

In this edition of APN Arlington’s first ever beer garden is in full swing for summer. Hear from Aeronaut co-owner Ronn Friedlander. There’s a new way to get around town. Those lime bikes you may have seen strewn about are there for you to use. What you need to know to get rolling. And later, not something many want to talk about but rat sightings are on the rise in Arlington. What the Health Department is doing and how homeowners can help....

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Balich 5 & 10 Closing Day

Balich 5 & 10 has closed its doors for good. The throwback to a time gone by had been located in Arlington Heights since 1954. Owner Joe Balich is retiring, saying business is just not strong enough to hand it down to his son as his father had handed it down to him. But it was a strong showing Saturday, June 26th – neighbors and friends coming in one last time to say...

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Peirce and Bracket School Banks

According to the financial news service CNBC, thirty nine percent of Americans have no savings at all and almost sixty percent have less one thousand dollars put away. Students at the Peirce and Bracket Elementary Schools are bucking trend. School banks are teaching the benefits of savings in a very hands on way. APN reporter Gregory Bartlett brings us the...

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