New Animal Control Officer Diane Welsh

“Everyday is different and I love that” That’s how new Animal Control Officer Diane Welsh described her first week on the job. APN reporter Sam Bacherman caught up with the new officer and her companion, in between responding to a cat in distress and chasing down a lost...

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What Arlington Libraries Could Look Like

Library use in Arlington is growing and the facilities are struggling to keep up. That’s according to library administrators who have come up with a plan to expand and revamp both the Robbins and Fox libraries. The plans call for a more modern and stronger connection both physically and pro-grammatically to the people they serve. Here’s a...

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Typewriting Poetry

Visitors to the Uncle Sam Memorial Statue recently had a chance to try their hand at writing poetry on typewriters. For some, it came with a dose of nostalgia, and for others it was proof that everything old is new...

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Beer Garden in Whittemore Park

Whittemore Park welcomed the Aeronaut beer garden for its second weekend on Saturday the 14th. Comfortable temperatures and clear skies brought Arlingtonians out in big numbers for its debut a week earlier. Director of Economic Development Jenny Raitt told APN that feedback from businesses, safety officials and residents has been positive, and that the brewery is working hard to be a good neighbor. Aeronaut co-owner Ronn Friedlander was pleased at how smoothly things ran the first day and shared some of the tweaks they’re making going...

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