Winfield Robbins Memorial Garden Restoration

The lush greenery that spans from Town Hall to the Robbins Library is more than just pleasant park space. It is the intersection of three prominent Arlington names. Funded by the Robbins sisters, originally designed by landscape architect R. Clipston Sturgis, and featuring the Menotomy Indian Hunter statue by Cyrus Dallin, it is a local treasure. The friends of the Robbins Town Garden spent more than a year researching the historic park’s past and coming up with a plan to restore its water feature and surrounding landscape. With CPA funding in hand, the meticulous work has begun. APN reporter Zach Dupont...

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Bees at Brackett School

A swarm of bees. The phrase conjures up the image of a dense cloud of angry, buzzing insects, ready to sting. Well, forget what you think you know. A swarm of bees near Brackett Elementary School recently gave us the chance to learn the benefits of the...

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HRC Camp and Summer Activites

School is out and its officially summer. We visit the annual HRC camp at Dallin School… and summer pastimes around town. “Blue Ska” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License...

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Whittemore Park Facelift

Whittemore Park could be getting a facelift. Proposals from the town include new pathways leading to a central meeting area and an amphitheater for concerts. Residents were recently invited to the park to share their...

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