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Snap Shot: MCAS & Kindergarten Aides

MCAS Results The Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment Exam results are out and although arlington did better than the rest of the state, fewer students are getting high scores. School officials say not to worry though because the nearly 20 year-old exam is more challenging now. The state and Arlington administered what’s known as the next generation MCAS for the first time last spring for grades 3 through 8. Tenth graders who need to pass the exam in order to graduate received the legacy MCAS. Assistant Superintendent Roderick MacNeal told the school committee at its October 26th meeting that the test...

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Snap Shot: Playing the Numbers, School Enrollment and Town Pay

School enrollment Early numbers show class sizes continue to grow in Arlington Public Schools. Preliminary figures show an additional 179 students district-wide over last falls numbers. The increase is in line with a forecast completed for the town after a jump in student numbers a couple of years ago. School Superintendent Kathleen Bodie told school committee members September 14th that the biggest problem with the increase is balancing the number of students in each classroom. Some elementary school classes have 19 students while others have up to twenty-five. Bodie points to possibly revising buffer zones to keep classes and schools...

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Energy & Project Manager Ken Pruitt

As a Green Community since 2010, Arlington has been awarded close to one and half million dollars in project funding. Obtaining new grants and managing the associated projects will keep the town’s first Energy and Project Manager busy. Ken Pruitt looks forward to the challenge. After spending twenty years in energy policy, he’s exciting to see his policy work put into practical...

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