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Signaling Changes Go Live

The HAWK is out and Red, Yellow, Green are in. The town hopes changes in signaling and bike crossing patterns in Arlington Center cut down on confusion, increase traffic flow and create a safer environment. Most agree it’s a step in the right...

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Signal Changes in Arlington Center, Again

The Arlington Safe Center Travel Project brought major signaling and bicycle traffic pattern changes to the intersections around Mass Ave, Pleasant and Mystic Street, and Swann Place earlier this year. The new configuration met with mixed reviews, and a lot of confusion, from drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. The town has heard those concerns and is making changes at the busy intersection in an attempt to get things moving more...

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Autonomous Vehicles in Arlington

Boston’s seaport district is home to three autonomous vehicle design firms. Self driving cars are being tested, and taught, in the chaos of the hub’s traffic. What impact will the arrival of autonomous vehicles have on Arlington? A recent community forum pointed out that it’s not too soon to consider the effects on economy and infrastructure. Here’s a look at the developing technology and what it could mean to...

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Lake Street Crossing Update

Changes are being made to the proposed bike path crossing at Lake Street, but it’s still not enough for some and others say it misses the mark all together. PDF of Proposed Lake Street Signal at Minuteman Bikeway   Previous segments on Lake Street and the Bikeway: Lake Street Crossing Proposal Minuteman Bikeway 25th Anniversary Retrospective Popularity of Minuteman Bikeway comes with Ups and Downs History of the Arlington...

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