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The Philharmonic Society of Arlington, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit community organization incorporating The Arlington Philharmonic Orchestra, The Arlington-Belmont Chorale, and The Arlington-Belmont Chamber Chorus. Membership in the Orchestra is open to all instrumentalists without audition. Placement, however, is subject to the requirements of the music and the determination of the conductor.  Membership in the Chorale is open to all singers without formal audition. Auditions for membership in the Chamber Chorus are open to members of the Chorale.

The Philharmonic Society of Arlington, Inc. endeavors to provide: performances of the widest range of classical and contemporary works to community audiences in accessible settings;  orchestral and choral training, experience, and performance opportunities under professional directors;  a showcase for talented, non-professional singers and instrumentalists; and a forum for composers to premiere contemporary compositions.


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Music Gazing – Stem’s “Arlington”

Music Gazing – Stem’s “Arlington”

In this chapter of “Music Gazing,” we discover the work of Erich Stem, a composer that travels around the country, writing music that tells the history of cities around the USA.