Community Bulletin Board Submission

Connect with your community.

The ACMi Community Bulletin Board is a free service available to anyone who wishes to communicate with Arlington, MA public television viewers. It can be telecast any of our three channels in between episodes 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you are interested in submitting a message to air on ACMi’s video bulletin board, please email

Each CBB slide must be a 16:9 landscape orientation, 1920px wide by 1080px tall, with a minimum font size of 22pt, and should leave a large enough margin so content doesn’t get clipped off by older TVs (about 1 inch). When submitting your slide, please submit a .JPG, or .PNG file.

Creating a Slide

We encourage you to be creative with your slides, but contact us for a set of templates for Microsoft Powerpoint and Word, as well as for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Additionally, there are third-party online resources such as Canva and SumoPaint where you can easily design a slide that fits your message.

Community Bulletin Board Guidelines

– All individuals and organizations may submit messages to the CBB, membership is not required.
– Submit a message at least 10 days before you want it posted to the channel(s).
– Organizations can submit up to three slides to be displayed on the channel at a time.
– It is best to be very brief using only the most important info (when, where, contacts).
– No commercial advertising is allowed.
– No direct appeals for funds. Charitable events may be promoted, including when, where and contact info.
– ACMi reserves its right as a producer of the Community Bulletin Board to reject or edit any message that does not conform to its guidlines or for reasons of content or length.

We will no longer support .PPT files, however you can still create your slides in Powerpoint and save them as JPG files before sending

When they are ready, submit your slides to