ACMi is very pleased to partner with the Town of Arlington to broadcast this series of public forums tackling the vexing, complicated, crucial issue of racism in America, with a specific focus on its insidious effects in our own community. The second event in this series took place on Tuesday, July 7, and focused on Racism and Housing.

Crystal Haynes, from Arlington’s Human Rights Commission, moderated a panel discussion with several experts from Arlington and the surrounding area. Together they illustrated how the racial inequities that play out in the housing market in Arlington and beyond are rooted in deliberate federal, state, and local policies that go back generations. They also discussed both the promise and the limits of adjusting zoning and other local regulations to address these inequities.

The panelists also responded to questions submitted by the community. The data that underlies their conclusions was presented in considerable detail, but did not keep the panelists from bluntly and forcefully confronting the situation as it is, and then describing the hard work that needs to happen to make the changes we seek.

Tuesday July 7, Racism & Housing: