ACMi Updates

ACMi’s studios will be CLOSED to the public until the end of March at least.  Please contact if you have questions and for technical assistance.  Please check back as this page will continuously be updated.

Staff are busy exploring the means by which we can most effectively provide important information to the residents of Arlington. Moreover, in this time of unprecedented social distancing, we hope that ACMi can be a force that helps keep people in Arlington stay connected to each other and the wider community through the power of video communications.

Visit the CDC website and the Town of Arlington for information and official updates.

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For Businesses and Nonprofits

Wondering How You Can Help Arlington’s Most Vulnerable?
The Select Board asks that residents consider supporting these groups that are working to help those that are hardest hit during this time.

Greater Somerville Homeless Coalition (Arlington partner)
Arlington Eats
Arlington Food Link

Arlington to Collect PPE Donations
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for first responders and front line hospital staff.

 More information on the How You Can Help page

Film at Home

1. Use Zoom to interview and record a guest remotely.

2. Phone filmming tips:

Here are some notes on best tips for shooting with your phone:

1. Phone position: record in landscape view (hold your phone sideways/horizontal)

2. Framing: When telling your story, frame you or your subject in the center, from about the waist up, leaving some space above the head.

3. Stabilize: If you are filming someone else (or a four-legged friend!) use both hands to help keep the phone steady.  Try leaning against the wall or a table to help.  If you are recording yourself, instead of holding of the phone, try propping it up against some books and reverse the view so that you can see yourself.

4. Movement: If you want to add some movement, do so slowly! Fast turns can be dizzying.

5. Lighting: Best is outdoors on a cloudy day!  If it’s sunny out, find some shade and put the sun to your back so your subject is lit.  If you’re indoors, try not to stand directly under a ceiling light. Instead,

6. Sound: Minimize any background noise if you can.

7. Zoom:  Avoid.  This will lower the quality of your video.

8. Focus: Once you have your framing and lighting set, don’t forget to tap on your phone screen to tell it exactly where to focus.

Editing at Home

1. Try free editing software

2. Download Trial version of Adobe or Final Cut Pro

3. If you have a Mac, try iMovie.  Or Windows Movie Maker on a PC

4. Try an editing app on you phone!

Online Learning

There are lots of online tutorials to continue learning! Here are some recommendations:

Youtube – search for anything!