It’s time to start planning the 2020 Fox Festival in Arlington, our annual celebration of the Fox Library, local wildlife, creativity and imagination, neighborhood and community. Our team of artists – Sara Peattie, Kari Percival, and Greg Cook – are developing activities you can do at home. We’re not ready to share them yet, but here’s a hint: we will be asking everyone in Arlington to participate in “The Epic Adventures of Fox and Owl.”

To get you started, curator Cecily Miller is having conversations about our animal neighbors with Diane Welch, Arlington’s wonderful animal control officer! We hope you are inspired and also learn something new about local wildlife. Today, hear about the Great Horned Owl and meet Nuala, a 1-year old owl adopted by Diane. We are working on other episodes featuring opossums, raccoons, bats, bees and, of course, foxes!

More information will be available at later in May.

The Fox Festival is organized by the Arlington Commission for Arts and Culture, with support from the Arlington Public Libraries, Friends of the Fox Library, ACMi, and Town of Arlington. Special thanks to Diane Welch and the generous wildlife photographers who donated their pictures: Glen Campbell, Peter Christoph, and Paul Topham. Video produced and edited by Cecily Miller, ACAC Curator of Public Art.