This week the town of Arlington begins Phase 2 of the Whittemore Park revitalization project. It’s a project that will transform the open space here into a place for recreation and civic functions. We’ll show you how crews are getting this area ready for the summer season.

Thousands of books each year are either challenged or banned altogether because they don’t gel with the opinion of school boards or certain city or town councils. Is this a slippery slope in our democracy? We talk to Arlington’s Director of Libraries to get her take.

And two Massachusetts boys in 1967 take their pet pony and trek 350 miles all by themselves to Montreal. Sound unreal? It really happened and we talk to the Arlington filmmaker who is bringing this feel good story to the big screen.

All that and more on ACMi News.

0:00 Opening
1:13 COVID-19 Rates
2:17 Whittemore Revitalization Phase 2
3:00 AHS Ranking
3:37 Banning Books: A Catch-22?
9:30 Rising Star Quilters Guild Spring Fair
10:22 Upgrading Arlington’s Foot of the Rocks
16:05 Pony Boys
26:46 Town Meeting
27:25 Closing