Coming up on this special holiday edition of ACMi News: looking back at the summer of 2019.

Sometimes TV is a one way medium. We wanted to hear what our viewers had to say about us and how you can take part in becoming a citizen journalist.

Hundreds of musicians, singing these notes cause it fits in well with the chords they’re playing. Porchfest 2019 in Arlington proved once again you can never have too many notes.

70 years of not knowing finally come to an end. A Korean war veteran has come home to loved ones in Arlington after being away for far too long. He was never forgotten in what has been called America’s forgotten war. Brenda Mahoney has a full report.

Some Arlington residents gather to find out more about their eastern coyote neighbors. Can humans and these canines peacefully co-exist? Dispelling the many myths about these beautiful and mysterious creatures.

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