An abbreviated town meeting like Arlington has never seen takes place outdoors and the essential town business is worked out. We talk to the town manager and get his take on a town meeting that is clearly one for the ages.

We also talk to Arlington’s newly elected town clerk and get her take on how she plans to run things in the future.

A Black Lives Matter banner now adorns town hall. This after the tragic death of George Floyd which stunned a nation and the world. As a result, the town issues a proclamation and declares a Black Lives Matter day for next month.

We also talk to the president of the Mystic Valley area branch of the NAACP as all of us, of all races, try to hammer out solutions from this profound tragedy.

A charismatic and witty ACMi staple garners nationwide recognition for excellence in programming. A fun interview with Steve Katsos and his crew as they mark 10 years of the Steve Katsos show right here on ACMi. What are Steve’s plans for the future? Stay tuned.

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