Arlington Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine is resigning his post after 10 years on the job. He says he wants to rest, recharge and refocus as he decides the next chapter in his career. ACMi News has an exclusive interview.

The first wings of the new Arlington High School opened earlier this week, marking the end of Phase 1 of the major project. So, whats been finished and what’s phase 2 looking like? ACMi News takes you on a guided tour.

A man is arrested in Arlington after it was found his vehicle reportedly wasn’t registered and insured properly. what police say they found *inside* the vehicle was very concerning. We have an update from Arlington police straight ahead.

And taking a dip… into a dunk tank, outdoors, in freezing temperatures. What are these people thinking? There is a method to all this, helping children who live a half a world away.

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