Arlington honors veterans who served in the U.S. military since the days of our American Revolution. The town will host its annual Veterans Day ceremonies this week. ACMi News will also take you behind the scenes of an effort to honor one veteran who died in Vietnam and how residents are doing everything they can to restore his memory.

We’ll take you to an Arlington non-profit that helps children teens and adults get through some of the most distressing times of their lives. And with the holidays fast approaching, these experts say there is always hope.

The 9th Arlington International Film Festival runs this week. This year celebrates diversity the world over and how the power of film can unify in these contentious times. We also talk to Arlington’s new poet laureate about one film that the marries poetry with politics, courtesy of our 35th president.

And ACMi takes part in a community-wide film that will entice, scare, enthrall, captivate, delight, mesmerize, bewitch, enchant, spellbind, and what’s an ACMi news anchor doing in a horror movie?

That and more on ACMi News.