Ride Along with the Arlington Police!
A long-term project for Arlington Public News has recently come to fruition, and we are VERY excited about the final product. The Arlington Police Department graciously agreed to have an APN team join patrol officers in their squad cars on both the day and night shifts. From the preliminary checks of both the contents and the condition of the cruiser, through the various calls the officers respond to on their shift, and finishing with their return to the station, APN is there to capture the action and present it to you. The officers demonstrate the equipment they depend on – from flashers and sirens to onboard computers – as well as the weaponry they are trained to use if circumstances so require. They also share their own experiences in a personal way, describing what is most challenging about the job as well as what is most rewarding, how they interact with the public, and much more. We can say with great confidence that by the end of the hour-long program, you will have a much deeper understanding of what our local police officers face each day, how the department functions, and what kinds of people take on this vital role in ensuring our safety and security on a daily basis. See for yourself by tuning in on our Public channel!