The cast of AHS’s Spring Musical – Tommy, by the Who – performs the finale, “See Me, Feel Me (Reprise)/Listening to You (Reprise)”.

Maddy Brosius
Violet de Besche
Lindsey Delbanco
Nathaniel Dorson
Thomas Irvine
Molly O’Toole
Theo Rosen
Kolya Shields
Ella Simring
Audrey Skehan
Eileen Tucci
Nick Antonakas
Chandler Betts
Franco D’Agostino
Sam Dieringer
Sabrina Liberatore
Eli Shear-Baggish
Louis Shriber
Rachel Barglow
Ryan Beck
Joey Caradonna
Sierra Farrington
Bayley Fox
Paige Goodsell
Ryland Holt
Cate Irvine
Elliot Johnson
Sarah Nascimento
Maya Qazilbash
Dhruva Ram
Gabe Rothenberg
Dylan Scopetski
Anna Berggren
William Bouck
John Caradonna
Paige Gromfin
Aurélia Le Hegaret
Hannah Markelz
Olivia Moir
Charlotte Olander
Aiden Paramore
Justin Stern
Aidan Thielman
Maren White
Eli Young

Staff and Crew:
Avery Spellmeyer
Toni Mueller
Braedon Quinlan
Ruthie Hyry-Weintraub
Maggie Caradonna
Marianne Goddard
Tessa Connors
Jack Werst
Ella Barker
Bridget Hall
Maria Mantini
Amanda Smith
Michael Byrne
Lianna Bessette
Barry Singer
Nathan Muehleisen
Mr. Muehleisen Woodworking Classes
Nancy McCarthy

Sue Antolini, French Horn
Chris Charig, Keyboards
Barry Singer, Keyboards
Eric Ziering, Keyboards
Brian Middleton, Guitar
Sam Harris, Guitar
Michael Morisette, Bass
Seth Botos, Drums

Kolya Shields
Rachel Barglow

Video Editor:
Kevin Wetmore

Instrumental Audio Engineer
Brian Middleton

Vocal Audio Engineer:
John DiTomaso


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