In the Fall of 2018 it was found that Lt. Rick Pedrini of the Arlington Police Department penned some pretty hostile comments about certain elements of our society. Town leaders then thought it best for Pedrini to go through Arlington’s restorative justice program. A program that the town has embraced in recent years. The lieutenant underwent and then completed the program back in 2019 and town leaders were satisfied he showed remorse fro his actions. Lt. Pedrini still remains on Arlington’s police force.

Fast forward to May 5th of this year when George Floyd was killed by a rouge cop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. That set off a nationwide fury that still exists to this day. Naturally, the Pedrini case has once again surface here in Arlington. So where does Arlington go from here?

We spoke with Arlington Town Meeting member Greg Christiana, also a member of Envision Arlington Standing Committee, who is seeking to find some sort of common ground of information so that we may learn something about ourselves and maybe move forward.