New Music TV Show
With Music & Art, Live performance & Interviews
If you want to part of the show and perform with your project or your Art
contact us at our official website.
Director Selene Victor
Host Alan Kaufman & Alessio Miraglia
Media Director Mark Rosenthal
Light Cyn & Wu So Fai
Audio Jeff Munro & Luciano Silvestri
Floor Director Laurie Holman
Camera 1 Laurie Holman
Camera 2 Anupam Jain
Camera 3 Swathi Jain
Hand Camera Kyra Power
Teleprompter   Cyn
Color light modulation Wu So Fai
Production Assistant Katie Chang & Jonathan Barbato
Producer Alessio Miraglia
Band Matt Johnson
Wes Hill
Alessio Miraglia
Artist Fotini Christophillis

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