Arlington360 Apartments took a novel approach to their invasive vegetation problem. Instead of calling in a landscaping service, it opted for ‘goatscaping,’ A landscaping solution that is growing in popularity, goatscaping uses the insatiable appetite of goats to clear out areas of unwanted vegetation. On Arlington360’s request, Plympton-based Goatscaping Company delivered four goats to a fenced-in area of unwanted vegetation and let them loose. After a week, nearly all of the undesired greenery had been removed. Goatscaping uses none of the harmful chemicals and pesticides that some landscaping services employ, making it an environmentally friendly solution to troublesome plants. It’s also easy on pocketbooks, coming in at a fraction of the cost of most landscaping companies. The sight of these animals near the Summer St. intersection created quite a buzz around town, drawing a near-constant stream of visitors of all ages.