“The Journey of Writing in Egypt” is a title that poses a number of questions: Did writing go through a journey? A journey implies moving from one place to another, so did writing, then, move from one place to another? If this journey is real, where did it begin? Where did it end? Egypt embraced many different forms of writing, recording various languages spoken by Egyptians and the foreign communities that lived in Egypt. Throughout its history, Egypt welcomed the foreign communities which came from their homeland in search for security, a livelihood, and hospitality in Egypt. Such communities produced a wealth of writings and inscriptions which reflect their thoughts, beliefs, social history, and daily life.

The “Journey of Writing in Egypt” documentary is a 35 minute co-production between the Studio Department and the Calligraphy Center in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

The film documents the first appearance of writing in Egypt, and its evolution throughout different eras. It is a survey of 18 different kinds of writings representing 11 languages used by Egyptians and foreign communities that co-existed peacefully on Egyptian land. It also aims to reflect the various writings that appeared in Egypt from early history till the present and, traces the appearance and disappearance of those writings.