Last spring, we introduced you to Jim O’Rourke, the man who wants to lease the old Balich building and open up Arlington Heights only sit-down restaurant and pub. O’Rourke currently runs the First House Pub in Winchester which gives us a general idea of how the proposed tavern in the Heights would look.

Jim went before Arlington’s Zoning Board of Appeals last month but was held up because he had to prove that he would have at least one parking space available for every four seats in his restaurant. He also had to address issues like soil conditions and topography. Fast forward to this week, when the ZBA was satisfied that O’Rourke met the criteria and gave the go-ahead for a proposed tavern on Mass Ave.

As you might expect, Jim was elated and gave ACMi News Director Jeff Barnd an exclusive tour of the Balich building and Jim’s plans for his beloved dream called “The Heights Pub.”