Town Night Canceled

What is now Town Night began as a family friendly fireworks display. The event has grown every year and now includes a dog show, bouncy houses and pony rides. And now it may be a victim of its own success.

At the October 13th selectman’s meeting, Town Day committee liaison Kevin Greeley reported to the board that the committee had been discussing the future of Town Night. Greeley said the increasing scope of the event has become a drain on both the finances and the energy of the all volunteer Town Day committee.

Town Day, and Town Night, are funded entirely through donations and booth registration fees. Town Night itself cost almost $21,000 this year. Costs include fireworks, vendors and town safety services.

The Board of Selectmen agreed to accept the town committees decision on whether to keep or suspend Town Night activities.

Mr. Greeley came back to the board at the last selectmans meeting and told the board the committee had decided to suspend Town Night activities for 2018.

Both the board and the committee left open the possibility of a third party stepping in to find funding and take over organization of the event.


Town Meeting 2018

Mark your calendars. The Board of Selectmen has approved town meeting dates for 2018. Annual town meeting will begin on Monday, April 23rd. Warrant articles can be submitted to the Board of Selectmen’s office from Tuesday, December 5th through Friday, January 26th.

In addition, a special town meeting has been called for Monday, February 12th. There are currently two articles set to be considered. Funding to continue work on the six classroom addition to the Hardy School and the re-codification of the zoning bylaws. Town meeting must approve the access to construction dollars set aside for the project. The vote on zoning re-codification could be delayed until April town meeting. At the selectman’s┬ámeeting, residents spoke in favor of more time to review the new document. The re-codification group will have to make a decision on whether or not to bring it before the February town meeting within the next week.

Residents and groups can submit additional warrant articles on Wednesday December 6th from 8am to 4pm.

ACMi will bring you both the February and April town meetings live.