Meet APD’s newest member: K-9 Eiko.

Eiko joins Dasty and handler Officer Michael Hogan, in the Arlington K-9’s unit. Watch our segment to learn how Officer Hogan and Eiko work, and train together.

K-9 Eiko and Officer Michael Hogan completed a 14-week training program at the Boston Police Canine Academy on December 30, 2016. Eiko’s first day on the job was January 4, 2017.

Dasty is a certified Patrol and Narcotics K-9 and has been Officer Hogan’s K-9 partner for the last decade. Dasty is popular and well-loved in Town, and a popular attraction at Town events, and during school visits. Eiko will work alongside Dasty, eventually taking over the physically demanding aspects of K-9 work when Dasty eventually retires.