A spy and his friend are captured by a man with disproportionately large biceps. Winner of Best Screenwriting, Best Acting, and Crowd Favorite at the A-Town Teen Film Festival.

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Songs used in the video are as follows:
Spy Glass by Kevin Macleod
Ghost Brotocol by Triune Films
Reception by William Rosari
Seeking the Truth by Triune Films
The Thing You Do by Triune Films
Urban Tough by Media Rights Productions
Action Time by Biz Baz Glory
Eyes of Glory by Akashi Ghandi

All songs except for those by Triune Films can be found on the Youtube Audio Library:

Songs by Triune Films can be found here:

The song used during the credits of the video is an original creation of Desi Feldman using Garageband software. All songs used in the video are royalty free.


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