According to Transparency International, a Washington-based corruption watchdog, India ranked 81st out of 181 countries on a 2017 global corruption index. Although a democracy, India ranked below undemocratic China and Saudi Arabia.

In India, it is a newsworthy occasion if an honest officer is found. But such honesty comes at a price. My guest today, Rinku Singh Rahi, has paid that price. Rinku Singh is a social welfare officer in a district of Lalitpur, in the northeastern state of Uttar Pradesh. He has exposed various social welfare scams where benefits were awarded to non-deserving candidates or simply pocketed by the bureaucrats and politicians.

We spoke with Rinku Singh about his whistleblower work, the dangers he faces daily, what inspires him to keep fighting despite those dangers, and if and how to make the system work for ordinary citizens.

Despite repeated warnings and attacks, Rinku Singh did not give up his fight against corruption. He was suspended on June 5th, 2018. We are glad Gandhi is not alive today to see today’s India.

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