In much of the modern world, schools and schooling are today considered as necessary to human growth as air is to life. Yet there are a growing number of families in Massachusetts and across the country who have for many reasons decided to opt out of schools and instead “homeschool.” What are their motivations? What are their days like? What seem to be the prospects for homeschooled children as they enter adulthood?
Helping Peter explore these questions is Pat Farenga, a homeschooling expert with some 34 years of personal and professional experience in the field. He was the publisher of Growing Without Schooling magazine, the nation’s first periodical about learning outside school walls, from 1985 up to its last issue in 2001. Pat is a frequent source on the subject to media and at education conferences around the world. He has written four books about homeschooling, including most recently, How to Report Unschooling to School Officials.