As the Trump administration clamors to seal off our borders to some–citing threats to wages, jobs and safety–there is a notable silence, and a stunning lack of curiosity if not concern, as to why so many take the desperate step of entering the US illegally in the first place.
Case in point is the Central American country of Honduras. A tropical paradise under other circumstances, the small nation wedged between Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua is burdened with the highest per capita murder rate in the world, and amongst the highest rates of corruption, femicide, journalist killings and repression. Why has this come to be? What role has our own government played? And what lessons might we take away from that hardship and loss?
Joining Peter from Toronto to discuss Honduras and our relationship with it is lawyer and activist Grahame Russell. Since 1995, Grahame has been the director of Rights Action, a non-profit that raises funds for, and awareness of, community-controlled development, environmental and human rights projects in Guatemala and Honduras.