The Black Power salute of Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics; flag burnings during the Vietnam War era: images etched into our collective memory. Add to these, perhaps, Colin Kaepernick on his knee during the national anthem, now joined by many other NFL players, as well as those from assorted sports in this country and abroad, even some outside sport altogether.

This relatively simply witness has raised a number of contentious questions: Over what issues must we simply ‘agree to disagree’? Do the demands of conscience sometimes override simple decorum? And is the encouragement to “fire the SOBs” actually an unconstitutional ask?

Joining host Peter Bermudes to discuss such questions is Michael McPhearson, the national executive director of Veterans For Peace. His military career includes six years of reserve service and five years of active duty service. He was a field artillery officer in the 24th Mechanized Infantry Division during the first Gulf War and separated from active duty in 1992 as a Captain.