It’s with genuine excitement that we announce the return of our flagship general-interest interview series, Wide Angle. Over their first three years, host Peter Bermudes and his co-producer Lee Urton have created a vibrant platform for the deep exploration of dozens of vexing, complicated issues, and their quest continues. It seems fitting that the debut episode of the new season focuses on one of the oldest paradigms of human behavior. Evolutionary theory itself tends to amplify humans’ competitive tendencies over our cooperative behaviors. But what if that idea…is just plain wrong? How different might our lives be if we led with our collaborative, community-building skills rather than conceiving of our basic nature as greedy and selfish? Peter and his guest, British author Jeremy Lent, explore humanity’s path from its hunter-gatherer origins to our current challenge with climate change. It is, as always, TV that challenges and informs, and it airs on the Public channel several times per week.