Economics at the macro level, that is, on the national and international scenes, is waged as a competition, replete with the vocabulary of war. And for over two millennia, it has been the sole purview of men. Yet at the micro level, those places we actually live our lives, where economics are about nourishing bodies, housing families and building communities, women have been the primary caretakers and economists across the ages. Could we invest the policies that decide our economic fates with some of the personal human concern we experience growing up around the hearth? And might women help guide such a transition?
Joining Peter to help answer such questions is Rickey Gard Diamond. Rickey begin her writing career in the midst of the big political changes and growing American differences of the 1980s, and has kept her eye on the political and economic scenes ever since, recently publishing her book, Screwnomics: How Our Economy Works Against Women and Real Ways to Make Lasting Change.