Don’t be fooled by all of the snow, the Spring sports season is right around the corner! But before you tear off your winter jackets, let’s go over how our Ponders finished off their Winter season!

AHS Boys Hockey

Boys Hockey competed against Belmont in the Division 1 North Quarterfinals. It was a hard-fought game, but Belmont was able to take the win in the final moments on the ice!”

AHS Boys Basketball

Moving onto the court, boys basketball also competed in the quarterfinals for the Division 2 North tournament! They played Brighton in an action-packed game! The score stayed tied throughout MOST of the game, went into overtime, but unfortunately, the Ponders could not come away with the win.

AHS Medley Team 

In our last news show, we talked about Indoor track star Ryan Oosting. At the time, he had broken the NATIONAL record for the fastest indoor 2-mile! Well since then, Ryan raced at the New England Championship and broke that record once more, with a new time of 8 minutes and 57.59 seconds! Oosting moved on to race at Nationals with fellow racers Jeff Candell, Adam Elyounssi, and Roger Buckley. Although slated in the bottom third of the 32 teams, our Ponders finished 8th in the country! Oosting once again competed in the 2-mile and placed SECOND in the country!

Wrestling Honors

Congratulations are also in order for Coach Kevin Cummings and Senior Captain Abi Ewen! Coach Cummings, who started the AHS wrestling program and has led it for 22 seasons, was inducted into the Massachusetts State High School Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame while Abi Ewen was nominated for the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association Scholar-Athlete Award, which is granted to a student-athlete who demonstrates excellence in leadership, sportsmanship, academic and athletic pursuits

Congratulations to all of our Spy Ponders for a hard-fought Winter season! Here at ACMi, we’re excited to keep bringing you coverage as the snow begins to melt and we enter the Spring Sports season!”