Want to be on a TV Show? Want an easy way to make something for and about your peers? WELL, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! You View, the original show about all things Arlington Youth (news, activism, pop culture, and more) wants you to join the team! We are looking for ALL levels of involvement and ALL kinds of experience…ranging from those who’ve never touched a camera to full-out producers! From hosts to editors to writers to producers to filmers, you name it and we have a role for you!

If you want to get involved, regardless of interest level, follow @youviewshow, DM us, and/or email youviewshow@gmail.com!!!

P.S. A message to our regular viewers; we are almost back in action :)!

Instagram: @youviewshow
Email: youviewshow@gmail.com
Written and Produced by Sam Dieringer
Edited by Dan Gorbunov
Intro Song by ‘Gym Class’