Here are  the core curriculum workshops offered on a regular basis by ACMi staff.

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Orientation Workshop

(no prerequisite; no charge)
Visit us at Arlington Community Media Inc. and learn how you can be involved in community-produced television. Join us for this free orientation and learn everything you need to know to get started at ACMi. We’ll show you how to become a member, take training workshops, use our equipment, produce TV shows, or help others produce theirs. Join the digital communications revolution and learn a marketable skill in the process.

The ACMi Show
(Prerequisite: Orientation)
Become part of the studio crew in our new show that focuses on the exciting events that are happening with all of the members at ACMi. This series is a studio workshop geared towards new members who want to work together with other creative people on a monthly basis. Each episode, members will rotate positions so they are fully educated in control room procedure, directing, audio mixing, studio camera operating, and pre-production planning.

Field Production:

Basic Field Production
(Prerequisite: Orientation)
Learn the basics of producing a program outside the studio using state of the art field production kits. Develop an understanding of set-up, composition, and basic camera skills.

Intermediate Field Production
(Prerequisite: Orientation and Basic Field Production)
Building from the skills developed in Basic Field Production, take your project further by focusing on advanced audio and video techniques. Topics will include lighting, camera and microphone options, and digital workflow.

Studio Production:

Basic Studio Production
(Prerequisite: Orientation)
Build a foundation and understanding of what it takes to produce your own show. Learn the different positions in the control room as well as the studio. Equipment and techniques covered include, camera operation, audio mixing, video switching and much more.

Intermediate Studio Production
(Prerequisite: Orientation and Basic Studio Production)
Haveing learned what is possible in the studio, take your skills futher and learn what it takes to be a producer or director. Develop a more in-depth understanding of the studio signal flow, and practice advanced technies in audio mixing and video switching.

Portable Studio Production
(Prerequisites: Orientation Basic Studio Production)
Participants learn how to direct a LIVE (or live-to-tape) productions or event coverage on-location using a portable studio setup that includes robotic cameras, computer graphics, portable video switcher, lighting, and audio. Practical applications include coverage of performances, sporting events, meetings, and community festivals like Town Day. The workshop will also include hands-on practice at actual meetings or events.


Basic Editing
(Prerequisite: Orientation)
Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful program for editing digital video and helps you create dynamic video content. Participants in this workshop will work with basic concepts and features of Adobe Premiere Pro, and will run through a typical series of steps for creating, editing, and fine-tuning a series of video pieces.Concepts covered will include: the Premiere user interface, creating dynamic titles, capturing, video and audio transitions, and exporting your project for airing on ACMi channels.

Intermediate Editing
(Prerequisite: Orientation)
Building from Basic Editing, participants will develop a deeper understanding of more advanced techniques within Adobe Premiere Pro, including color correction, chroma key, and animation of graphics and text.

Program Design & Promotion:

Promote your Production or Event on the CBB
(Prerequisite: Orientation)
One of the many services ACMi offers is our Community Bulletin Board. The CBB is an electronic forum in which local producers and non-profit organizations may promote a program, an event, or themselves. This workshop focuses on preparation of the materials to be displayed on the CBB and on teaching basic skills in image composition, communication, and software (in this case, Adobe Photoshop). Participants should have an event or production to promote, along with necessary photos or logos to incorporate.
(NOTE: Participants should have an event or production to promote, along with necessary photos or logos to incorporate)

Developing Titles & Lower Thirds
(Prerequisites: Orientation and Basic Editing)
An often overlooked component in video production, is the look and feel of a show in addition to its recorded footage. Participants in this workshop will learn basic skills in design, composition, and software such as Adobe Illustrator while creating the graphics that will further distinguish their shows. Participants should have a program in production for which the materials are intended.

Developing Your Creative Open
(Prerequisites: Orientation, Developing Titles & Lower Thirds and Basic Editing)
Building off of an understanding of Titles and Lower Thirds, attendees are encouraged to grow the look and feel of their show with creative opens, incorporated video, graphics, motion graphics, and music/sound design.

Specialty Workshops:

Intro to Adobe After Effects Class
(Prerequisites: Orientation and experience using Adobe Premier Pro and Photoshop)
Learn how to create and animate 3d graffics, roto-scope like the pros, cut out those unwanted things in your image, place anyone anywhere with the use of professional Key effects and look good doing it. ACMi offers intro to After Effects classes for people of all ages.

Stop Motion Animation
(Prerequisites: Orientation)
This hands-on series of animation classes for adults will cover stop-motion animation from theory to practice.  Students will be working in groups with a variety of mediums, including paper, clay, legos, and whatever else folks bring in to animate. Start brainstorming your animation ideas now and bring anything you want to animate to the first class

Screen Writing Workshop
(Prerequisites: Orientation)
Learn how to write the Hollywood movie you always wanted to see on the silver screen. ACMi offers a complete four lesson screenwriting class for Arlington residents.  Learn about story structure and character development. Learn tips that the pros use and how to pitch your script.

Short Film Workshop
(Prerequisites: Orientation)
Participants will learn the history of film production including the introduction of editing and sound to the moving image, while working on a series of short film projects in this seven week course. The course will include group discussion and critique, as well as basic script writing, and an introduction to non-linear editing using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Creating the Micro Documentary
(Prerequisites: Orientation)
This workshop will teach you how to plan, write, shoot, and direct your own 2-to-5 minute micro-documentary. Documentaries must be about subjects related to the community. For examples of micro documentaries go to: or
(Open to all ages)