Summer Fun Plays with Reality on Day 4

Today our Summer Fun participants are having a blast image1exploring the magical opportunities offered by Green Screen technology. A number of them have taken on the roles of “field reporters” for an imaginary newscast, filming their on-site dispatches in front of a Green Screen. The trick is that, while the newscast’s anchors know what locations these reports are coming from, the reporters themselves have no idea!

They will attempt to guess from the available clues, and will only find out if they are right when the “scene” that has been projected behind them is magically revealed at the end of the game.

This activity offers excellent insight into the typical approach to teaching and learning here at ACMi, and not just for kids! Direct, hands-on experience with the available technology is offered in a context of creativity, imagination, and just plain fun!

Interested? Find out more by clicking on the Membership tab on this website, or come see us at our main Studio at 85 Park Ave in Arlington Heights. There’s no better way to learn how to make TV!

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July 16, 2015