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What kind of membership is right for you?

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Individual Membership

If you are a resident of the Arlington community that wants to work on a project, take a class, get involved to meet neighbors, or are interested in acquiring a new skill set ACMi is here to serve you. Annual fee is $50.

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Nonprofit Membership

Several nonprofit organizations benefit from ACMi membership every year. They are trained to create PSAs, consistently post slides on the channel, and partner with us during community events to make them richer experiences for the public.  Annual fee is $80.

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Family/Group Membership

If you are a resident of Arlington or a group that exists here there is a discounted membership for Families and Groups and you will receive all the benefits of an individual membership.  Annual fee is $80.


Town Agency Membership

Several town agencies maintain a relationship with ACMi in order to share information and reach out to the community in a different way.  No charge for membership.


Business Membership

If you are a business in Arlington we highly encourage you to join! Beyond being a way to show your roots in the community you can learn skills to help you grow your business.  Annual fee is $125.


Intern Membership

From live studio shoots to hyperlocal journalism ACMi offers high school and college students vast experience working in television production.  No charge for membership.

Having all the resources of ACMi at your fingertips might sound too good to be true - but it is true!