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Arlington Community Media, Inc. offers so much. From board meetings to field hockey games, we have live programming that you can’t find anywhere else. From Studio Knights to ACMi News, we keep us all connected. And from helping fourth graders learn how to make a frog video to our professional production studios, we’re a resource for the whole community.

What's new at ACMi

Series Spotlight: Justice in the Balance

“Justice in the Balance” is our Public Affairs series that sheds light on challenges, inequities, and inspiring ideas within our criminal justice system. Some of what you’ll find among the

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happy new year 2023

Happy 2023 from ACMi!

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s been a difficult few years for many in town and around the world, and here at ACMi we begin 2023 in the hope that it

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Check out the new Studio B!

For months, ACMi Operations Manager Jeff Munro and Youth Coordinator Jasper Hamilton have been working tirelessly to make this, our third iteration of Studio B, into the state-of-the-art facility you

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Whether it’s taking part in a workshop, creating a show, or even just kicking back and watching the latest episode of your favorite ACMi program, we’re here 24/7.