Peeragogy In Action #1: Peeragogy In Action: The Podcast

Welcome to this first official episode of the Peeragogy Podcast, where we collaborate to build the no-longer-missing guide to all things relevant to peer learning & peer production.

This regular video/audio podcast aims to provide an interactive space where participants and audience can explore the philosophies, concepts, contributors, and practical applications of Peeragogy. This episode introduces the series with Joe Corneli, Charles Danoff, Paola Ricuarte, and Charlotte Pierce from the Peeragogy Project core group in an informal conversation.

We live-stream via video to the Peeragogy channels on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Please consider subscribing on your favorite podcast app! More details on where to find the podcast at https://piercepress.com/podcasts​. or at https://peeragogy.org​.

Produced by | April 29, 2021 | ,