K-8 Community

Students are never too young to create content – and the best way to learn is through doing! ACMi has several structured, supported programs for kids of all ages to get started.


teens cook

Ottoson Media Group (OMG)

Ottoson Media Group (OMG) is a collection of youth producers who attend Arlington’s Ottoson Middle School. They have their own studio, but they also work on field shoots with ACMi and create high quality productions, including the show, Teens Cook.

Green Teams

Arlington Green Teams care about the earth, the environment, all people and all living creatures. The Green Teams aim to empower and support students to take action to preserve our environment and create a just and life-sustaining society. Inspired by student creativity, ideas, and energy, the Green Teams seek to empower young people to raise their voices and lead the way to positive societal change.

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