1 day ago

Despite tropical storm Ophelia making it's way to our area, she was not invited to Town Day 2023 which went without a hitch. ACMi had you covered for the six hour celebration, outdoors and indoors. Take your eyes off the road for just a second and this could be the...

1 week ago

Arlington formally congratulates its new town manager James Feeney. What are his plans for the months ahead as we consider zoning changes, a possible override, and much needed repairs to town hall? Our interview with Jim Feeney is here. There are some major changes in store for the town's library...

2 weeks ago

A wild night at town hall this week as the MBTA Communities Working Group and ARB stage their latest meeting at town hall to determine the future of Arlington. The clock is ticking and some nerves are obviously frayed. We will take you there. Police have a tip for anyone...

2 weeks ago

Passions are running high as the clock ticks regarding the MBTA Communties group. It was a spirited meeting at Town Hall on Monday, September the 11th. The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority Communities Working Group made it's presentation before Arlington's Redevelopment Board at the Town Hll auditorium before a jammed-packed crowd...

3 weeks ago

Like clockwork the school days are once again upon us. What's in store for the 23-24 school year as we work around this ongoing COVID situation? We get the latest from our school superintendent. And in Arlington's fleet of school buses there are two new additions to tell you about....

1 month ago

We've seen more than our share of rain lately and it is not doing anything to resolve the pollution problem at the Alewife Brook. This waterway acting like a sewer was supposed to be a temporary fix, if you consider nearly 150 years temporary. Seniors will soon get some relief...

1 month ago

The MBTA Communities Working Group holds its latest meeting after getting feedback recently from the public. One thing is certain, the maps are being tweaked and opinions are varied. We'll let you know where this massive project stands this week. It's hoped motorists will slow down and bicyclists will feel...

1 month ago

A very innovative and clean way to rid yourself of some old paint you've had stocked away and forgotten about for years. Arlington High School students are doing what they can to keep our environment clean by recycling paint. A brilliant surrealist has his works on display at the Cutter...

1 month ago

There's a new eatery in town and when we were there we saw a very impressive lunch crowd. We'll show you the new Tatte Bakery and Cafe in Arlington Center. New England's largest revolutionary war reenactment took place in Old Sturbridge Village and some of Arlington's own Menotomy Minuteman made...

1 month ago

A heartfelt goodbye to Sandy Pooler who after more than three decades of public service is retiring. We'll take you to Pooler's farewell party at town hall. There's something new at the Jason Russell house which helps to teach all of us about Arlington's storied past. Some town historians will...