5 days ago

Some tense moments on Park Ave this week as a motorist suddenly plows into a brick building causing a picture or two to fly off the wall. We'll tell you how it happened. A proposed bike trail in the Hill's Hill area meets some resistance from residents. They say these...

1 week ago

It was an emotional week for one Arlington resident who panicked when his pick-up truck was stolen. But by week's end this retired disabled veteran was grateful for the overwhelming kindness of area residents. We have the emotional story. ACMi News talks to a state representative about Arlington's upcoming Lunar...

2 weeks ago

For the first time in three years Arlington comes together to celebrate one of America's civil rights champions who would have turned 94 years old this month. It's the 35th annual Martin Luther King Jr. observance ceremony in Arlington. Arlington fire crews battle an apartment fire in below freezing temperatures...

3 weeks ago

The political ads ended late last fall, but these haven't. The constant barrage of Camp Lejeune ads on TV and social media are unavoidable. But is there any truth to what law firms are peddling? Arlington's Director of Veterans' Services says that depends on who you ask. For the first...

1 month ago

In this special New Years edition of ACMi News we look back at a few stories we did that helped make the year 2022 in Arlington and beyond. Several residents plunge into the icy depths of a dunk tank. Crazy? Possibly, but this event helped get us closer to a...

1 month ago

On this holiday week, ACMi News looks back at the entertainment interviews in 2022. From stars on classic television shows to Netflix, to stars at Arlington's Regent Theatre, to entertainers who reigned in the golden age of television. Hollywood directors who now use modern technology to tell classic tales ,...

1 month ago

Arlington residents gather for a vigil this week to mark ten years since the Sandy Hook School Shooting. Attendees here honoring those who've had their lives cut short to guns and to raise awareness that we are failing to reach a much-need solution. Arlington police have some tips for you...

1 month ago

Another gravely ill owl is found at Menotomy Rocks Park and dies minutes later. No official word on how it died but residents are concerned since Arlington has lost several raptors in the past to rodenticides. How much is that cash register in the window? A would-be robber of a...

2 months ago

Arlington eats opens its doors to its first dedicated operational headquarters in its more than 30 year history. And officials say the new building on Broadway couldn't not come soon enough. We'll tell you why. 'Tis the season for holiday shopping. Instead of hitting the big box haunts along those...

2 months ago

In this special edition of ACMi News, while preparing to sell his home in Alexandria, Virginia three years ago, retired U.S. Secret Service agent Clint Hill, now 90 years old, uncovered a long forgotten steamer trunk in the garage, which would eventually produce a never before told story. Mr. Hill...