2 days ago

Last weeks torrential rains made for a combined sewage overflow once again in Arlington's Alewife Brook. An area once teeming with wildlife for thousands of years has become a virtual dead zone recently. What is being done to eradicate the problem? According to some residents, not much. On his last...

1 week ago

The stand off continues between the principal of Minuteman High School and his boss, the school superintendent. This, after the school committee met behind closed doors and decided to place the superintendent on administrative leave. Town meeting 2023 is now history and some compromises are struck. We have reaction from...

2 weeks ago

A bombshell announcement by the Belmont Hill School, which has just put the brakes on plans to upgrade Poet's Corner. All this while town meeting debates the use of turf or natural grass in the future. A war of words at Minuteman High after the school superintendent does not renew...

3 weeks ago

Natural grass or artificial turf? How should Arlington proceed in the future? A forum to discuss the facts of this turf case unfolded at town hall this week. But are there now more questions than answers as town meeting members pour over article 12? We have a report. In less...

1 month ago

Town meeting 2023 gets under the way this week. The first in person town meeting since 2019. 72 articles will be considered this year everything from stretch energy codes to self serve gasoline. The Cyrus Dallin art museum begins its jam-packed Spring 2023 event schedule with a salute to Patriots...

1 month ago

Patriots day 2023 is celebrated in Arlington as the Dallin Museum gears up for a busy spring season of events, and the Menotomy Minutemen march from Town Hall to the Old Burying Ground 248 years after the bloodiest battle on the first day of our war of independence. Artificial turf...

1 month ago

Arlington has a new town manager. James Feeney has been a familiar face in town. Now, he's posed to succeed Sandy Pooler who will be stepping down as town manager this summer. Also stepping down: Arlington's Director of Veterans' Services Jeff Chunglo. But not before Mr. Chunglo performs a task...

1 month ago

Cambridge Typewriter Company in Arlington, you've got mail! Tom Hanks sends a special package to this unique Arlington shop this week. The parking freebie continues in town, partly because of supply chain issues. But it won't be for long. We'll tell you when once again you'll have to grab your...

1 month ago

Up next an interview with Arlington's deputy town manager Jim Feeney who had a job interview with the select board regarding a new Town Manager position. How was the interview? Mr. Feeney gives us the latest. Arlington has a new animal control officer. We caught up with Courtney Wilson and...

2 months ago

An Arlington man who is an illustrator for the U.S. Mint is the keynote speaker at the Old Schwamb Mill this week. Two of his designs grace the flip side of scores of U.S. quarters honoring two woman who were nearly lost to history. A major Arlington business gets rid...