The Arlington High School Building Committee hosted its fifth community forum at town hall recently. Previous forums sought community input about the strengths and weaknesses of the current high school, presented an educational plan for the future, and most recently shared eight potential design options for the new facility.

The eight original designs have been narrowed down to four, and now must be narrowed down to one “preferred design” that will be submitted to the Massachusetts School Building Authority later this summer.

This was also an opportunity to share draft cost estimates and comparisons with the public.


Letter from Kathleen Bodie:

Dear Parents/Guardians,


The design of the rebuilt/renovated AHS will be an important part of Arlington’s future. The AHS Building Committee will vote on one preferred design concept in late June for submission to the MSBA in early July. Community feedback is important to the committee and is one of many criteria that will be taken into account.


The Committee has created an online form to gather feedback about 4 preliminary design concepts as well as specific attributes and aspects of each concept.


In order to provide the Committee with the most informed opinions possible, we suggest reviewing the summary of the June 4 Design Concept Feedback Forum prior to completing this form.


Thank you for giving your feedback.  The community’s voice and engagement are valuable and crucial components to the success of this significant project.


Please provide your feedback by June 14 at 10pm.

Kathleen Bodie, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools


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