Locally produced, regionally based and independent content, created or submitted by our membership and staff.

Education Channel

Arlington school events and sports, instructional video, and student produced content.

Government Channel

Coverage of town governmental bodies, agencies, and committees, including the Board of Selectmen, the School Committee, and the Redevelopment Board.

Video On Demand

Missed something live? Watch it on VOD. Includes Government Meetings, Public Events and more.

Arlington Public News

Arlington Public News covers the stories for Arlington

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There are many benefits to membership at ACMi, including access to state-of-the-art production equipment, libraries of media content, and a expert staff ready to help you bring your production to life. Just head over to our sign up page.

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At ACMi, there are many opportunities to learn new skills or develop existing ones. Offering a number of hands-on workshops and exposure to production groups is what makes ACMi such a great training facility. Learn from our talented and knowledgeable staff and from your fellow members. At ACMi we encourage a collaborative and constructive process geared toward helping you achieve your technical and storytelling skills.

Opportunities for learning include:

  • Camera Operation
  • Studio production
  • Field Production
  • Audio Recording
  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Producing

For a full list of offerings, visit our Events calendar page or contact to get started.

ACMi wants to put your work in the spotlight. In addition to our programming and training services, we also work with our membership to create the best content they can imagine. By putting you in the driver's seat, we aim to get you comfortable with the process of production in all instances, including the studio, the field, and the edit suite.

ACMi will provide training and support as you move through the stages of production listed below.

The Stages of Production


The seed from which the project grows. It can range from general ("I'd like to produce a show/series about the environment") to quite specific ("I want to interview a number of business owners about the importance of convenient parking").


Meet with ACMi staffer/expert to lay out the details (equipment, location, crew needs, timeline, storyboarding, etc.) required to bring the project to completion. Make plans accordingly.


ACMi staff provides whatever instruction is required to master the equipment and processes involved in bringing the work to completion. One-on-one training is generally available to member-producers.


Production (Filming)...Hit the streets or the studio to record all the necessary footage (b-roll, interviews, events, etc.) for the project.


Take all the necessary footage and use post-production techniques (sound and video editing, special effects, graphics, etc.) to construct the narrative you choose.

Wrap &

Review the entire process with ACMi staff to figure out lessons learned, what can be improved/changed going forward, etc.

Program Airs

Just as imagined. This great content is now available in the town of Arlington on one of the three ACMi cable channels, or for the entire world, online at

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